Taos, New Mexico

Hey there

Note to self: when you are looking for a place to stay, read all the mumbo-jumbo the website says, then only believe about 1/2 of it.  Also, when a place says “rustic gem” – move on!

This RV park is nice, just not exactly what is really advertised.  This is what I have learned:  when they say: free WIFI = (then mean) WIFI only works in the front of the office, no service (WIFI or cell service) anywhere else; lake on premises = tiny pond; showers, restrooms and laundry = closed for the season; abundance of shade and trees = only on 7 of 41 sites (not my site); nature trail for many different hikes = one path behind peoples camping sites to the edge of the property and a big hill (maybe total of 150m); fire-pits on sites = one fire-pit for all to use on site 34 (I am at 35), helpful park host = old guy, in a chair scratching his belly through a dirty white shirt with maybe 3 teeth total in his mouth, telling me to look at the map where your site is and drive to it.  etc etc…  So when I say “this RV park is nice” = (I mean)  there is no way am I staying here two nights.  Even though I normally just go hiking around to see what beauty is around me, I just am not feeling this one.

Maybe I have stayed at so many nice ones that the less than par ones are not good enough, the funny part is, the nicer ones cost just as much as these not so nice ones… I think that is what irritates me, they can charge the same amount, list the amenities however the difference between them are like night and day.

After I parked, we drove into Taos, it’s definitely an art scene kind of place. If you love art and like going into galleries, this is a great place for you.  Not so much for me or Sofie, then I thought, maybe I can get some good Mexican food here, most places don’t accept dogs in their patio and the ones that do are closed.

All in all, I am just not giving enough justice to this place, so I am just going to pass through…

At first, when I was writing this, I thought this is my official first bad day on this trip. I mean just trying to sit here: I stubbed my toe; hit Sofie’s water bowl and dropped it all over the floor; the sun is beaming so hot that I put the AC on; noticed that part of the seat frame is coming off and have to figure out how to screw it back in (will do that at Shannon’s).  Now a couple hours later, I sit and watch Sofie laying on my bed looking so comfortable, I think this was just a day to stop and reflect.  I am can read my book that I keep getting interrupted with or maybe take a nap with Sofie.

I usually don’t try so hard to have everything go right, and yesterday was my panic day with the whole toilet debacle, so today just has to be a – just breathe and let the world be.  I don’t like wishing days away, I mean the drive up here was incredible,  I can see why people love driving through Carson National Forest, it was just beautiful. The farms and rolling hills – amazing.  So no, today isn’t my official bad day, I now think there are no bad days… What is bad, really? Bad is so subjective (and really every adjective I can think of is subjective – pretty, beautiful, ugly, enormous, etc…), its classifying a whole day in a box when really there is no box just experiences and opportunities.  Maybe those are just days where you have to recognize and say: “this is the kind of day to: let go, breathe and be thankful for what I have.  I am blessed and not everyone has my gumption!”



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