Ocean Dream Town

For many years I have been traveling as much as possible loving every trip for all different reasons. Now that I am planning for retirement I wanted to bring the best of my vacations, what I loved the most about them to my little place in heaven.

Now I haven’t completely finished everything, from the name of what I want to call the location to identifying a story for everything I want to put in each location… I have collected many things and photos over the years and each location has a special story in my heart. This journey will be my ability to put into words and pictures of what I am choosing and why I am choosing it… It’s an opportunity to work through some tough choices which somehow I think will not be as tough… Somehow the hardest part is over sharing and over designing. So many memories and each item chosen will probably have a story to make me laugh or cry of joy or sorrow.

This is the layout which I was thinking… Many things will change as I think of other loves of mine.. Already, I know I want to expand the shop into a place where I can keep the finished things and where I can keep my wine collection, wine bar, wine tables, tasting.

October 2020