Well, to actually talk about myself is fun.  I am a seasoned traveler (mid-forties), been to dozens of countries on a couple hundred trips all while working in a professional work environment.  Always wanted the job that allowed me to travel so much, however was never that “lucky”.

Since 2004, I have been traveling mostly by myself about 2-3 trips a year.  There was a 18-month duration that I couldn’t handle it, so I was traveling out of the country every month, I would have two suitcases in my car – one for hot weather and the other for cold.  I loved it.

That said, after many years, I still absolutely love traveling, most of the time by myself and sometimes with friends.  Now, I camp with my travel trailer and still look for amazing adventures.  I do have a bucket list, that is another page (so I can cross them out)