Holy Driving Day to Coromandel

Morning my love,

Decided to get up earlier this morning as I knew I was in for a long day of driving… I didn’t want to take the main highway (the 1 South) the whole time which would have been faster. Why not go take a couple side highways, streets to get you to the same place. Why not see something different, you never know what you will find…

That essentially was the argument in my head until I relented and compromised – 2 detours that would add about 2 hours to the drive.

Those two detours were 2 of 3 most favorite parts of the drive today. Went through some really remote towns, the streets were well paved and well marked, a BIT narrower which meant when a truck crossed my path I twinged a little, but the countryside and the farms seemed so much more alive and in my face… Still cant get over how many cows there are here. The pictures below do not do it justice, it was just too beautiful to capture in a small frame..

Also, I have to look this up, I don’t think I have seen any deer or other animals aside from: cows, sheep, rabbit, turkeys, kiwis and chickens…

When I made it back to the 1 South, I missed the quiet roads where no one was in hurry to pass you and so many more cars. It took one hour to go about 4 miles (the town put in two new traffic lights) the problem was, it only let 3 cars per green light per side (4 sides)… 1 HOUR!!!! Sigh… I had to turn off the music as I was feeling more anxious with the music then with the voices in my head… I just started making up a story in my mind (fantasy really) which made the time go by so much more quicker.

Finally I passed Auckland which was another crazy too many cars city drive and went back to my quiet country roads with not as many people… 🙂

Looking at my TomTom it said I had 44 miles to go and it would take me an hour and a half. I couldn’t believe it, seriously that long… then I drove it… Holy Crap! The road to this piece of heaven was treacherous … I honest think part of the wheels on car wasn’t on the road some of the time cause the roads were so narrow and winding and no shoulder in some of the way… of course – Chrissy was so excited… Haydee was white knuckling the driving in parts… I think living in Washington and driving those mountain roads all the time prepared me for this driving, the road had hair pin turns with no shoulder, cant see if someone was coming opposite, again – it was AWESOME… I tried to GoPro video it for a little bit then remembered – that’s dangerous since I am holding it with my hand… 🙂 will see how that comes out.

Finally making it to town, I decided to eat dinner in town before I went up to the house – smart idea… I had amazing New Zealand muscles (they get better every time I eat them) and avocado with shrimp salad… Perfectly light and delicious, especially the muscles.

Alas, I am finally in my Wyuna Bay home for the next two nights, walked down the beach (about my 700 feet) and relaxed for a bit. Now finishing up two days of journaling with a great glass of wine and some pannacotta for dessert.

My view from my room for the next two nights…

I feel so blessed to be here and to be able to do nothing for a couple days… besides: kayaking, sleeping, walking on the beach… Yep, that is about it… I hope to see the sites here and enjoy them as much as I can.

I love you Haydee and Chrissy…

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