Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hey there,

I know it has been way too long and I have no real excuse… I am here now and though I will be writing in the past of how great Oklahoma City was, I am so glad I visited.  When I left Dallas with a heavy heart for leaving Shannon and Robert, I was ready to continue on this journey.  I used to think that it was a journey to see who I am, now I think back and I know who I am, that isn’t a huge mystery… I have been alive long enough that if I don’t know by now, I’d be in trouble.  So after realizing this isn’t a self discovery trip, I am trying tonight to figure out what is it I am trying to find… I’ll get back to that another day…

So, Oklahoma City… Wow, hot and humid… that was my first impression, then I met the owner of the place the next morning… He and his friend had quite a sense of humor – dry and sarcastic.  Those who know me, I am pretty slow… Well, really slow… Every blue moon, I actually get the jokes, most of the time it just goes over my head. This morning was the blue moon morning. When I told them I admired their buffalo head in the office area they asked if I need to go to the rest room… Of course, I said no and they said – no really – you need to go… I found the other (back half) of the poor buffalo….


After chatting a while, they mentioned a couple places I would be able to bring Sofie with and I was off…

After finding this really cool walking path park for Sofie and meeting some great co-walkers, I made myself back to camp to make breakfast.  It was about 11 and it was already pushing 90 with 50% humidity.  I was determined to see this art festival they raved about on-line – Sofie was so hot, she pretty much went from tented area to tented area.. I tried to get her to drink water, she is way too spoiled cause unless it was bottled and from my hand, she wouldn’t drink it…  Therefore, she went thirsty… Kidding, she eventually started drinking from the provided water bowls provided by the vendors.  She was loved and in case you didn’t know, she is beautiful… One vendor actually thanked me cause until Sofie was there, no one was checking out their art… LOL

After that, I dragged Sofie to a couple more places, and she obliged as long as she was in the shade and people were adoring her… Dramatic – I have no idea where she gets that from.

The next day, I set off to another dog park which had access to a lake for the dogs… She loved it, she was soaking wet and happy.

After we went to the 45th Infantry Museum to see the planes and tanks, I loved it.


After, we went to the mural to commemorate the Longest Run. She loved it, the statues were 6ft tall and a horse was “fallen” she started barking at it… LOL

After that, we spent an hour in Bass Pro Shop to cool off, where I bought some tank tops as I was getting a serious farmer tan… Then we went to see the memorial from the bombing in Oklahoma City, that was very somber – you could feel the weight of what happened and how that area will never be the same.  Sofie was calm, not getting on the grass and just sat there when I said a prayer, like she knew.

Finally we headed back to the RV Park where they raised buffalo. We had been visiting them every morning, Sofie not caring and I am completely in awe of them.  I loved looking at them as they watched me, noticing something different, I noticed two new buffalo calfs… WOW – they were just hours old. How amazing the creation of life. I tried explaining this to Sofie, she looked at me and just started eating the grass… That is when I realized, I seriously need someone else to talk to… As our walk finished like every night I am in final awe of Oklahoma City as they provided me with fire fly entertainment every night.  Man, seeing them at Shannon’s was amazing and now seeing them here every night as I walk this puppy… I smile and thank God and feel blessed that I can see such easy thing like fire flies and be grateful to be here.

Tomorrow I visit Michael, friend from Pepperdine years, in Wichita, KS for a couple days.

Love you and am grateful I am still on this adventure, whatever this adventure is supposed to do.


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