Homeland, Idaho

Hey there,

Well these last couple days have been a blessing, as I believe everyday is.  My drive into Idaho was fun: I past the 45th parallel (half way between the North Pole and the Equator); entered the Mountain Time Zone; found out that Idaho and part of Oregon are the largest onion distributors; there are wineries here; among many other things.

Snake River RV Site 34

In reviewing where I thought I would stay which was just off the Interstate, I decided to change to another location off the Snake River.  This was a great decision. The Snake River RV Park is clean, pull thru’s are on grass right on the Snake River. The water (with catfish and bass) slowly passes by while birds are chirping and just on the other side is a barn with many horses.  Sounding magical, it is until the wind shifts in the afternoon and suddenly you have the fresh aroma of cows for about 15 min.  If I can handle that 15 min, I realized I am in a great spot with just me and my thoughts.


When I arrived, I met my RV neighbor who was really nice and they gave me a recommendation to try Passport America where you can get 50% off all participating RV Parks.  I checked where they were and it seems worth it to subscribe for these two months. If I had known, I would have already saved me the price of membership.


Sofie also made a friend when the back RV neighbor was playing with his drone.  His name was Rob I.  We talked for a bit, told him I was on a journey around America and he had a 1990 Airstream Classic.  After he gave me tour his camper, I invited him to join me at my campfire to talk and enjoy a glass of wine.  I had a great time, I forgot what it was like to talk to a guy so I stumbled a bit and probably sounded like I was stumbling, but he was gracious, kept his distance and in the end had a great night just talking about what I will do next.

That conversation has resonated with me all day, what will I do next, what are my plans, how do I want to live my life? Not that I expect to have all the answers at the end of this adventure, I hope I am closer.  I do know I will be a changed person. Just can’t wait to see what changes and what surprises me.


I decided to hike today, wanted a good long easy hike where Sofie and I can be tired at the end of the day.  That was not to be.  I found the hiking area, no problem, there were about 5-6 different hiking trails you can take so I chose one and after about half mile and scaling a mountain and sliding a bit cause of all the loose rock, I turned around.  Found a nice easier one which took me to a waterfall.  Sofie had fun in the water though I believe it was a bit too cold for her as she kept jumping out.

I had heard of another hiking area, but couldn’t find it so my whole 3 miles was going to be it.  Remembering my epic fail of making coffee this morning, I decided to head into town and look for a Wal-Mart.  While on the way, I found their wine country (scenic drive).  I took note of the location and realized they have grocery store Wal-Marts and regular Wal-Mart.  Accidentally finding the grocery store one, I started driving to a Bed Bath and Beyond while finding the real Wal-Mart.  Of course, they have no pour-overs and only French Press’ (good thing I have 5 of them at home safely in the pantry).  Purchasing this and wanting so badly to buy the Pioneer Woman’s whole collection, I left Wal-Mart for some relaxation and wine.


The winery was really pretty (Ste Chapelle), great setting.  I bought a couple bottles and decided to relax with a cheese and meat plate at the camp site.

And now, drinking their Chardonnay listenin to Ed Sheeran iHeart Radio with my new table cloth and meat and cheese, I realized yesterday and today was perfect, I didn’t force anything, these happy accidents, great people I am meeting and Sofie nearly tripping me while trying to scale a mountain just for a picture is what I needed.


Tomorrow is hot springs, I hope to find one and see what they fuss is about 🙂

One thought on “Homeland, Idaho

  1. Shannon Jordan

    Really enjoyed the rawness about speaking with a guy, so cute to hear you a bit flustered. I really like your outlook on accidents turning into new adventures. Looking forward to hearing more!

    Liked by 1 person

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