Decision made for US Driving Tour

Hello my love,

Wow, so it has been one week when I decided to do the driving tour across America.  It’ll be myself and my dog Sofie.  At 45 single, I realize there are a lot more things to consider when making this decision than just deciding to take a trip around the country. The consideration of safety in this day and age is pretty at the top of my list.  Don’t know why, but with listening to the news today, it is a different world.

Outside of that, I have been spending the last week putting together a packing list.  Knowing I will be leaving in about a week, I spent most of last week ordering from Amazon what I needed.  Most of the stuff was supposed to arrive and now they are telling me the box is lost, so I spent this evening working with Amazon to track, refund and re-order the items.

Now, next week, I will be preparing for the trip:

  1. Clothes: figure out what I need to wear and remove all the clothing I have in the camper and re-pack it (2 bins and 2 baskets)
  2. Food: only pack for a week in fresh food. Use the pantry I purchased and pack it
  3. Big items: outdoor kitchen, pantry, 2-burner stove, mountain bike, generator, fishing gear, hammocks, small kitchen burners,

Well, now that it is 11pm, it is time for bed.

Love you and remember – Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!


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