Baker, Nevada (Great Basin National Park)

Hey there,

I hope your day was as amazing as mine was.  After taking a long time to get here (5.5 hour drive) I finally made it and of course arriving at the same time as three other people, so I just relaxed and waited for the owner to finish with all the others.  Since I had driven about 1.5 hours longer than I wanted to, I struggled putting the camper together, dropping things, forgetting to turn on the water and wondering why the water isn’t going…

But when I finally finished and made dinner, we took a walk while the sun was setting and finally the clouds parted.  It was a beautiful sunset and took to see some old deserted areas.  The mountains of Great Basin was to the left of me and the plains of Baker to the right.  Beautiful in there own ways.


I woke in the middle of the night (10 pm) and saw the start night so excited, I couldn’t see many stars as the lights of the RV park disturbed that.  I made a pact with myself that the next night, I would go out somewhere to see them. So I did, and of course spoke with my sister and listened to the music the whole time. On my way there, I saw a herd of about 25 deer crossing the street, it was beautiful. Then I went to an archeological site (recommended by locals) and holy cow, not only was it cold and windy, but the amount of stars, it lit up the night.  I tried taking pictures of the stars and totally suck at it.  Need to work it more (maybe in Natural Bridges).  Regardless of my inability to take a good photo, it was so beautiful and stayed talking to my sister until I saw a shooting star, I was gone by 9:15, Sofie of course just stayed in the truck completely not interested in such beauty. I am still working on her excitement with all the things we see.

We woke somewhat early and was out to hike by 10 am, going to the visitor center first the Ranger said there were many walks I can take with Sofie, just not on any trails. As long as I stayed on a road it was just fine.  So taking a small walk through Grey Cliffs, I decided to go around the park and walk through Strawberry Creek.  Apparently there was a fire there in 2016 which pretty much wiped out the trees and as it was 2(ish) years later, you can see and appreciate the snow growth/rebirth of the area.  I took many pictures here are just a couple.

Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek
Strawberry Creek

After about 5 miles of hiking, Sofie was done. We relaxed at the site and prepared to leave the next day.  Our RV neighbor was having trouble earlier that day and needed jumper cables, so I left mine with them and when I returned they were so thankful. They rented their RV and asked if I wanted a couple things as the RV rental company would just throw them away.  Not knowing what they had – I said, “sure”.  I made out like a bandit, new pots, utensils, can opener (which I was grateful for cause I forgot mine and was wondering how I was going to open my tuna cans), veggie peeler, better wine opener than I had… So much stuff.  They left early the following morning and made sure to tell me how grateful they were cause they would have been stuck out there missing their flight if it weren’t for the jumper cables – I saved their lives!!! Now for those who know me, I exaggerate a bit, and I am sure I didn’t save the world, but I was glad to help and I doubt I single handily saved them, but I took the compliment and pumped up my chest just a little more that day. 🙂


Now I am ready to leave Baker on the America’s Loneliest highway 50 where I only saw 2 cars on the road for about 100 miles, cows passing the road, horses running free, unfortunately large road kill, and some of the prettiest country side. Some would say it was boring to drive through it… It wasn’t bad, the wide open natural space.  I loved it.

Now onto Zion National Park.

Always,  Haydee

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