Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hello my dear,

Best day in a while!!! First, no mosquitoes… Second, the RV Park (Cheyenne KOA) is one of the cleanest RV Parks I have been to on this trip.  It has been such a pleasure coming here and seeing how clean and new everything is.  I plan on staying at another KOA in Hot Springs, if that one is as clean, I will probably look to only staying at KOA’s unless I am camping.

Well what can I say, today was magical!!!  Being my relax and adventure day, we drove to Prairie Butte Grasslands near Grover, CO, I have been looking forward to seeing this for the longest time.  Since I changed my trip and wasn’t able to go to the Tennessee long grass national forest, I wasn’t completely bummed as I knew I would see these.  The drive was just beautiful, the long grass was flowing in the wind, the horses were just playing… It’s exactly how I dreamt the mid-west and these grasslands would be like.

The hike today was an easy 4.75 miles, full of wild flowers, clear blue sky, slight breeze, beautiful long grass swaying back and forth, buttes and just sigh – wonder.  Gladly, not getting the job was the last thing on my mind.  I was just so grateful to be at peace with this wonderful world and be in the moment and feel just content with my life, it was great.  Helped me to realize things are going to be fine as long as I believe they will.  My dear friend told me, just think of what you want to do or what you want your life to be like and send it to the universe everyday and it will happen.  I have heard that many times before and I always thought – wow it would be great if I knew what I wanted my life to be like.  And then I look out to these fields and sigh, I wanted to be right here for years and look where I was, I was right here feeling happy.


After the hike, we drove through Cheyenne downtown, it was  small and pretty deserted.  There was a festival to celebrate Hispanics in Cheyenne and that is where I found most people.  We didn’t go, I decided I should probably head back to our camper, take a nap and redo my resume… My nap was awesome!

Tomorrow we leave to Hot Springs, South Dakota, a 4hr drive.

Love you,

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