Buffalo, Wyoming

Hello my dear,

So, in Buffalo many things happened… First my parents went home on Sunday, we met for breakfast and the 4 days in which they were here went by in a flash.  Sad to see them go, I am so relaxed and still so happy to be here in this town.  My plan on Sunday morning was to go in a hike in the Big Horn National Forest and then maybe head over to Ten Steep (tiny town) for lunch.  It is a scenic byway which many recommended so I wanted to see for myself.

The trail head was kinda tough to find, I found plenty of boon dockers though.  It looks like fun and not much different then having a camp site.  Will see if I try it, I mean free is so much better then 48 bucks a day as it really adds up.  While looking for the trail head, I found all this amazing new aspen tree growth, just beautiful.  Then I turned a corner and found all the wild flowers.   With the flowers in the foreground and the snow capped mountains in the back, I barely was able to remember to breathe I was taking photos and taking it in so much.  We finally found one trail to go on, it was good, the elevation is higher and it seems that Sofie prefers it this way as she was finally in front of me, though on the way back there were a couple times she just slouched behind me. 🙂


The views were unlike many I have seen, maybe it was the clean air, the readiness to see other beauty as the first half of my trip was mainly red rocks and coral sands then green prairie lands with rolling hills and now being in the pine trees, I feel refreshed and ready to see this beautiful land called Big Horn National Forest, hopefully I will see a big horn sheep.

After a fun filled day of hiking and driving through such amazing landscape, I could only take some pictures as they do not do it justice and I have to work on my words, as I can’t find the right ones to describe the way it made me feel.  Just content, happy, relaxed, those are just some of the simple feelings.

Sofie of course had fun on the running creek where we stayed (Buffalo KOA), she loved it.  This place was so clean and the shower house was so new and nice, it was like taking a shower back home,  I will miss this place though I will not miss the cost.

On Monday, I signed up to tour a local wool mill (Mountain Meadow Wool).  Another hidden gem, they are a family owned and operated mill, they get the sheep wool from local farmers and it was so cool to see how it was made.  They even had buffalo wool, which they sheered themselves in only like 50 seconds per buffalo so they get about 50-60 lbs of buffalo wool.  Of course, I had to buy some of that as well as some local wool to make a couple things for me and one baby blanket for Jill and Matthew.  I just loved this store and shop, I would highly recommend buying from there as they ship anywhere.

After the tour, we went on another “urban” heritage park hike, this town once was a main train station and so the tour was showing where everything once was and how it changed over the years.  While touring, there was a homestead house replica as this part of the country was all homestead land, it was really interesting to see how simply one can live, it really changes the way you view some things.  While talking to my sister, she laughed and said that if I didn’t buy a home in Washington to fast and if I came out to Wyoming, she would have thought I would have bought something out here.  I can see it, the vastness of land, the amazing landscape, the cowboys :)…   AND this is where they filmed parts of Longmire. I drove by the office – very cool.

Maybe one day, maybe not, all I know I am really loving it up here and I have another month to enjoy it.  Why do you ask??? LOL – I saw in the tourism magazines the Cody, WY rodeo is set for June 30 – July 4… This rodeo looks so cool, on Friday the 30th they will have Xtreme Bull riding.  How can I not stay.  I checked the tickets and they are about 20 bucks, the RV park is a little costly as I want to stay close to town, but I think it’ll be a once in a life time for me. 🙂 So yeah, I will be in the north of Big Horn NF for a week, then head to Wind River Reservation for about a week (4 days-ish) then to Great Teton for 4-5 days… I figured I can see Yellowstone while in Cody…

So now that my plans are sort of set, am trying to think about what is after Cody, and I get to enjoy Wyoming a bit longer.

It has been a good couple days…

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