Scotland – The Highlands

Hello my dearest love,

Finally the time has come, I am four days away from getting on the train to go to Seattle for the night before we head to London then get on another plane to get to Edinburgh… So close.  Being the amazing planner that I love that I am, I have my OneNote packing list ready.  After reviewing, I realized I didn’t have (well I have but I wanted) a new jacket that would keep me warm enough.

Knowing I plan on making this vacation a photo tour of Scotland and the weather is colder than what I am used to, my jacket that I was thinking of bringing would not be the best for my arms.  So, I went to the outlets about was able to procure a jacket, base layers and amazing Samsonite luggage… The luggage was not totally necessary, but I have worked hard for my indulgence – so why not.

So tomorrow, I will launder everything I think I need, lay it out and look at my OneNote, knowing full well I don’t need everything I will want to pack…. Then for the next 3 days, I will take a couple things away so I don’t over pack.

Can’t wait, I am so excited.

Love you always.  Me.